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Work hour: Mn-Th 10:00-23:00, Fr 10:00-00:00,  St 11:00-00:00, Su 11:00-23:00 

Telephone +380 96 115 3158

Restaurant GOSTI

The best place in town for a great holiday getaway

Restaurant GOSTI was founded in Irpen in 2017 by a team of professionals who most appreciate the comfort and coziness. We are happy to open doors for old and new friends. We are pleased to invite you to taste delicious dishes of pan-Asian and European cuisine, to feel a pleasant, light atmosphere, thanks to the combination of moderate luxury and home comfort. Our restaurant has a very good location and it is difficult not to see.

If you appreciate real European cuisine, then come to us, enjoy great dishes and feel what real hospitality is.

We always tasty, not expensive and cozy!

European and Pan-Asian cuisine from the masters of their craft

Special attention should be paid to the details of the restaurant kitchen, harmoniously combining the delights of European and pan-Asian cuisine. For true gourmets and connoisseurs of culinary art, our chefs will prepare dishes for every taste according to the best recipes. The main thing – everything is prepared exclusively from fresh and natural products! Another distinctive feature of the restaurant GOSTI is a unique “sea days” for seafood lovers. Every Saturday and Sunday you can order a variety of seafood dishes prepared according to the best recipes of European and pan-Asian cuisine. We don’t have uninvited guests. Every guest is always a holiday!

Our feedback!

The restaurant is simply gorgeous! I love a good and juicy steak. My wife never tried. Here is decided to reduce its and show, that this such and with than his eat. Wife was simply in delighted! The steak is normally fried and you will be advised to excellent wine. I strongly recommend looking into…


My husband and I love your restaurant. Especially the “sea days”. I used to be skeptical about seafood dishes until I visited your restaurant and tried what REAL seafood DISHES are. We now have Saturday is the day!